Rule to turn off Detection Zone

Is it possible turn off the camera Detection Zone option using a time based rule?

I have detection zone set up only look for activities that comes up my driveway, and ignore the street traffic in front. This works well in the day and evening time, not getting too many event alerts that is not on my driveway.

At night and the early morning hours there is very, very few cars cruising through. There are cars that cruising through those early morning hours that could be potential problems. Checking for unlock cars, breaking in, stealing catalytic converters and such.

Not having the detection zone enabled would be convenience to set off an event alert. I do have continuous recording enabled on the SD card. Not having the limited detection zone enabled, but having the whole viewing area for motion detection. Log the motion to an event in app for easy checking, without having to manually scroll through the playback.

The key would be time based rule to enable and disable camera Detection Zone option.

Is this possible to set up this rule, or is it something could be consider as an enhancement in the future?

Thank you.

Hi @mlee001

This is not a capability in the rules engine today. There is a wishlist item for additional rules and this is in one of the first threads.

You can vote here

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