Rule to have all color bulbs flash when alarm is triggered

Does anyone know if you can set a rule that would have all your bulb flash when the Home Monitoring Alarm is triggered?

I looked at the rules and the home monitoring settings and did not find a solution for this type of action. I have not looked at the wishlist, but this does bot appear to be a capability today.

This is a good idea. This and having many other actions in the event of an Alarm would also be useful.

I went and searched the wishlist and didn’t find anything (does not mean it’s not out there somewhere, the search seems to be a little wonky lately with the new structure and tags). I created a new wishlist item it, will either get approved , linked to an existing request I may not have found or be told this already exists and I totally missed it :). Either way I will post here when that action happens.


In the meantime I have found this as a work around, using Alexa to “flash” the bulbs. Made this red alert routine:

5 seconds is the fastest I could get it to flash. Which is fine because there is some lag in the sending or receiving of commands.

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Cool idea, does the HMS trigger that action?

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Nope, so far only set up to voice. “Alexa, Red Alert”




Flashing bulbs with doorbell is a necessity for the hearing impaired.

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