Rule setup and editing via web browser

I have a few Wyze plugs that have Holmes Air Purifiers plugged in. I am wanting them to come on 15 minutes per hour.

I noticed very quickly in the Wyze app that this was going to take a huge amount of time tapping and typing in the app itself. Not to mention when I do set up automation for a couple of plugs, unless I name it in the title all the automations are lumped together which is really disappointing thair not device-specific.
It would be really beneficial to be able to use a web browser to control my devices.

This is straightforward to do in Alexa. Just about everything can be done in the browser. I just want Wyze and others to put as much energy into their “skills” for Alexa and whatever Google and Apple call their API plugins. Most native home automation apps stink. Wyze’s is actually one of the better ones but people still have tons of complaints.

(Alexa is not great either - features and limitations strewn all over the place - but in a heterogeneous world we simply can’t rely on single vendor automation.)

What if you had 2 rules… 1 that says “if plug is on for 15 min, then turn plug off”… 2nd that says “if plug is off for 45 min, then turn plug on”?? I would think that would result in it coming on for 15 min, then off 45.

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