Rule schedule days of the week deselected and cannot be reset

After the most recent firmware update, the days of the week for all of my trigger rules were deselected (see screenshot for example). Even worse, I cannot reselect the days. When I select the days, they do not save and remain unselected. I have also tried creating a new rule with a schedule but the days of the week remain unselected.

It would appear the rules are still triggering, suggesting the days may still be set, but they are not selected in the app nor can they be changed.

Are you trying to select every and ALL the days? That’s the same as none of the days selected for some reason.

That might explain why the rules still seem to trigger okay. However, I’m selecting various combinations of days and nothing seems to take. As soon as I update it and go back into the rule, none of the days are selected.

It appears to be working now. Wondering if it was due to a temporary service outage.