Rule not taking effect on save when start time in the past

If I create a rule to turn on motion detection to be between 10pm - 6am and the current time is 10:05pm, the rule does not take effect. It appears that if the start time is in the past that the rule will not start until the next day at 10pm. Is it possible that when saving the rule and the start time is in the past, immediately run the rule so that it takes effect immediately?

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I have a similar problem trying to set up a schedule on Wyze light bulbs. If its 11pm and light is on and I set up a schedule of on at 9am and off at 10pm, it does not go off. Seems like it should!!

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That is correct. The logic for the rules currently is “action at start time, action at end time” not “always on from start time to end time”. The rule needs to be in place prior to the posted start time.

If it’s 10:05 now, and you just made the 10p to 6a rule, you can manually enable the motion detection now, and at 6am the rule will enact the end time and automatically turn it off. Or you can just wait untill tomorrow at 10p for the rule to enact it’s start action.

I just went through a test of this. I believe there is an issue if you set the Scheduled Rule at the top of the hour. I was setting mine at 10:00pm. However, the rule would fire at 10:03 or later. I finally determined that if I set my Lights and Motion Sensors at 9:59pm, they all worked as expected. I have Trigger Rules as well, but those seem to work fine.

Here is where I was doing my tests: Scheduled Rules - #17 by spamoni4

You can go back through the discussions to see the approach I took.