RTSP with Hikvision NVR

I have a cam v3 (with the RTSP firmware) and try to use RTSP with a Hikvision NVR. All I get is a black image, the camera shows online. There are other reports in the forums with the same issue,

RTSP works fine in VLC or other players. Support cannot help me, they suggested to post in the forums maybe someone has a solution. I had in plan on buying 5-6 more cameras to replace an older system, but at this point, if RTSP doesn’t work, I will have to shop around for another brand if this issue cannot be resolved.

The NVR settings appear to be correct, it connects with the camera (sees it online) but it only shows a black image. Anyone managed to make RTSP work with an NVR?

I have a v3, I get just a black screen on the hikvision dvr.

I do get video on vlc player.

Is there a fix for RTSP and Hikvision working together?

I have the same issue with my Hikvision NVR, and also had it with an OEM Hikvision NVR (LaView).

I have tried to debug this via the NVR with no luck, just a black image.

See here where I spoke about it.