RTSP shows on but camera say not conected (wyze cam 2)

in the RTSP and the beta firmware i have the same problem:

if i go to the RTSP and aktivate it, set username and passwort (1.jpg) a few secons later its deactivate and its says camera is not conected(2.jpg) but its conectet because i can see the live stream in the app.

i reinstallt the ogrinal firmware .

how can i fix the bur i realy want do gett the rtsp to work for my HomeAssistand projekt

It sounds like the camera itself is dropping off the WiFi network. Can you try moving the camera closer to your router and retry? If it works closer then it may be due to weak signal strength and you may need to add another access point or WiFi extender.

If it still doesn’t work closer to the router you may want to reflash the firmware in case something is crashing.