RTSP setup impossible

When I try to install the RTSP from my micro SD card, instead of getting the 2-tone blue light, I hear the camera say “ready to connect”… I already had it setup. Any help is appreciated.

Which camera? What PC operating system did you use to copy the file to the SD card? If Windows, verify it didn’t add a secondary extension to the file name. File named demo.bin? Did you hold the reset button on power up or did you press it after it booted? Sometimes the setup button doesn’t get pressed completely so the install on boot doesn’t initiate.

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Are you holding the setup button in when the camera is being powered on? What size sd card are you using?

Thanks for the quick reply. Holding the button, a big joke, 'cuz the camera cycles and hits your fingers while you try to hold the button. The card size is a 64GB (10)…

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Thanks for the quick reply. Holding the button, a big joke, 'cuz the camera cycles and hits your fingers while you try to hold the button. The card size is a 64GB (10)…
Microsoft Windows 10. Renamed demo.bin. no second button because the camera want to set up for normal?

The issue is likely the card.

Manual loading of firmware doesnt always play nice with cards bigger than 32gig (which is technically all that is supported)

Try formatting the card to FAT32 and reloading the firmware on it. (You’ll need an external program to do so on windows. This one works and is free https://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Hard-Disk-Utils/FAT32format-GUI.shtml )

Absolutely, a 64GB card can not be used for flashing. Gotta be 32GB or less - I use an old 2GB card.

As for holding the setup button while powering up, it either takes about 4 hands, or a few tricks. What I do that makes it far easier is to plug the camera into a USB battery bank that is TURNED OFF. Put the camera upside down on a table so the setup button is on top. That way you don’t need to hold the camera at all. Press the setup button with a small screwdriver, and then press the button on the USB battery bank that turns it on. Hold the setup button for a real honest 10 seconds. Don’t worry about looking for the light indication. After a full 10 seconds, release the setup button and look for the correct LED indication. Works every time.
If you hear “Ready to connect” you did not hold it long enough (or you slipped momentarily releasing the button).

:+1:Thanks for replying with this folks! I’ll agree I think the card size is atleast one thing preventing the flash to work here.

Thanks for replying. Holding the button, a big joke, 'cuz the camera cycles and hits your fingers while you try to hold the button. This is a serious design fault. The card size is a 64GB (10)…Microsoft Windows 10. Renamed to demo.bin. No pressing button a second time because the camera wants to set up for normal use, like a new start-up. Sure am hoping it can work.

Very helpful. I have done the exact same thing, but will try again…thank you…

Great info, will see what I have that is smaller. Everyone is rockin’ this help site, thank you.

Used a 32GB and the screwdriver tip trick. Held it down for about 15 seconds +/-. Went to WYZE on my phone, toggled the RTSP to on and generated my URL and opened in VLC. It WORKS, however? Is there a way to playback recorded timestamps on VLC? Seems like I can view real time but, actually, need to look back at previous times for theft & such @ our woodshop club.

RTSP is just an outbound video stream so that 3rd party software can view the video from the Wyze cams. If you wanted to view prior footage from the camera, you would look in the event tab (if a cloud event was enabled and created) or look in the “playback” area off of the camera live view screen. You would have footage here if you had local storage enabled (either continuous or event recording) and had a sd card in the camera at the time.

What are you using RTSP for?

Great info and will take some time to try it out. Unfortunately, our woodworking club seems to have a sticky fingered member that we need to catch & release, as we say in Wyoming.

Do you have and SD card in the camera(s)? They will record longer events or continuously and you can go back through to review the video. More useful with the 12 second clips. Alternatively you could try CamPlus.

I do have cards and the club is trying to avoid another cost. May have to, though. Thank you.

So, seeing no way to review past footage on VLC. Able to view current camera footage. Able to review past recording on my phone.