RTSP for V3

Thanks but I don’t think that gets rid of needing the internet?

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Just a quick read of the docker-wyze-bridge info shows you need to use your Wyze account to access the cameras. Which means internet is required.


Why would RTSP be a experimental feature? It has been around since 1996, LOL RTSP can legally buy a beer in the US for a few years now. I work in the IP camera industry and it is given that this is supported, WYZE is trapping users into an ecosystem.

No doubt…but Wyze cameras are cheap with, per Wyze, limited long term flash memory. The memory limitation, according to the company, prevents them from integrating RTSP/ONVIF etc. into the firmware, hence experimental and no real support.


I’m sure most if not everyone on this and the beta thread would be happy if Wyze stripped out the person detection features to free up storage. That would open up 2 distinct markets, the ppl who want a fully fledged cam and the pure RTSP croud who would never otherwise buy a Wyze.

If they continue down this route they will be the Sony Beta of IP cameras. Have a read: https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwipy4PSmdv5AhXlF2IAHd7PBL0QFnoECA0QAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bauer.uh.edu%2Fcox%2FDocuments%2F3.%2520Third%2520Quiz%2FChapter%25209%2FBetamaxFailure.docx%23%3A~%3Atext%3DThe%2520same%2520article%2520also%2520argued%2Ca%2520raft%2520of%2520other%2520firms.&usg=AOvVaw3kepmwQpmDWErf0qk2ynTf

P.S. it downloads a word doc.

There are no person detection features in the firmware. All that is done in the cloud on the Wyze servers.


ahh ok

Free yourself:

In regards to the minihacks:

  1. How reliable/solid is the rtsp stream? On the wyze beta firmwaee it sucks. Im curious over wifi of course, i anticipate it would be better over ethernet. (On a side note, wyze could have added the sa.e sort of support for ethernet over usb and made these cams wireless and/or wired)

  2. Does one have option for the encoder, the stream (cbr/vbr), i-frames, etc?

  3. A bit misleading about running any firmware, then later “you can’t run higher thn xxx firrmware”. Is this for stability or just wont work on cams with higher fw as mentioned.

  4. Can you save video on the sd card as well, if large enough?

Soon i will free up a wc3, hope to have some time to test this.


Great questions:

  1. Rock solid. In fact, because there’s now a Debian chroot, you can now theoretically compile new binaries and put them on the device.

  2. Yes the encoder supports a variety of settings with VBR, Capped VBR, and Capped Quality being options (along with nitrate, fps, and audio codecs). You can also pair it with Ethernet for higher quality bitrates.

  3. It’s probably related to how the boot sequence occurs - it basically needs to interject code between the bootloader and image - I read in later firmware versions they changed signing requirements that make the injection impractical.

  4. Yep - ENABLE_MP4_WRITE - even connect an NFS share.

Best yet - if Wyze stops supporting the V3 - you still have the camera.

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I have a few V2s, V1s and V3s, I think 4 x V3s… I will need to test on a V3 - this would be highly attractive to be able to convert one of the V3s to a POE drop; however, that adapter here is $50+taxes, so at this price, it’s not worth it (and I can’t find another one that would be supported that is $25 or under).

I would put that money towards Dahua/IPC real POE cameras with GUI, etc; slowly the Wyze cams are going away, but would be nice to repurpose (well not the V1). Really the attraction of Wyze is the size and price; for what you’re getting (hw) it’s a great deal.

When I have time I will test over WI-FI and hope to find another adapter to try over POE.

Any chance there is a GUI for some of the options you confirmed above (thanks by the way).

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I have a couple of V2 , V3 and a Pan V2. I would like to test this out. I have a Github account but am not that familiar with it. Where do I download the repo file?

I tried testing another hack to get RTSP on the V3 but wasn’t successful. Hopefully this will work.

Repo is here:

Thanks Wild Bill but I am there but looking on that page and the instructions it says

“Setup v3/PANv21. git clone the repo or download the repo zip

I cant seem to find a zip or what to clone. Sorry if it seems I am looking to being spoonfed but I just don’t see it. :eye::pleading_face:

Ok hold that. I finally clicked on “Code’ and found it. :+1:

Think I would have done that first. I need rest!.

There isn’t a GUI just yet, but you could probably reuse dafangs web GUI - I plan to do that at some point, but using SSH works for me for now.

The nice thing is that this exists - it only gets better from here as more people have time to contribute.

But I will say - with the way Wyze has acted with RTSP has absolutely alienated the DVR community. They may get some traction back if they look at their devices to be ancillary to the smart home ecosystem but because of their inability to support open standards, they are less useful for a truly connected home of the future.

Case in point - Wyze doesn’t have every product for every use case. Consumers don’t want 10 apps to control their smart devices. Wyze is not on board with this - it’s painfully obvious. Every Wyze device I own has had its base firmware removed so I can actually use the device in one ecosystem (HomeAssistant). The v3’s I have luckily got the RTSP build but the biggest problem has been the inability to change bitrate, fps, and other stream attributes. Now at least I can address those issues with this firmware.

Either way - Wyze makes some good hardware for the right price. With this you get more - always a benefit to those that want to try :slight_smile:

Not a GUI per se, but a web interface.


Is this part of the repo.zip by default or does it need to be added after?

I don’t understand your question. Is what part of the repo?