RTSP for V3

Due to the inordinate amount of dl traffic, it is now by request…I will get to your request asap.

I thin this is what v3 uses:

Low-Latency HLS

Low-Latency HLS (LL-HLS) is the latest and greatest technology when it comes to low-latency streaming. The proprietary protocol promises to deliver sub-three-second streams globally. It also offers backward compatibility to existing clients.

In other words, it’s designed to deliver the same simplicity, scalability, and quality as HLS — while significantly shrinking the latency. At Wowza, we call this combination the streaming trifecta.

Even so, successful deployments of Low-Latency HLS require integration from vendors across the video delivery ecosystem. We’ve teamed up with Fastly and THEO to create an end-to-end solution and are continuing to add enhancements.

  • Playback Compatibility: Any players that aren’t optimized for Low-Latency HLS can fall back to standard (higher-latency) HLS behavior
    • HLS-compatible devices include MacOS, Microsoft, Android, and Linux devices; all Google Chrome browsers; several set-top boxes, smart TVs, and other players
  • Benefits: Low latency, scalability, and high quality… Oh, and did we mention backward compatibility?
  • Drawbacks: As an emerging spec, vendors are still implementing support
  • Latency: 2 seconds or less

There appears to be no local only support. Tiny cam didn’t work once internet connection was lost.
Are there any other options?

The docker container (which can be extracted and run separately with python) supports doing a local network stream (rather than uploading to Wyze’s servers then redownloading), but it requires logging into a Wyze account to get the cameras and their streams.

How often does it need to login?

I stumbled on to this today: How To Install Frigate in Home Assistant for Object Detection (pt1)

Don’t miss this EverythingSmartHome video.

This is the best summary of why I’m not interested in CamPlus and why I’d really like to have RTSP on WyzeCam v3. For readers of this thread these links provide options to explore while you wait for a Wyze solution.

You may find what you seek before Wyze provides RTSP. You may also find that Wyze cameras will be a fine addition to your 2022 fully operational Frigate environment. I’m heading down this path to see what I can build. [Without RTSP (or RTMP) support, I’ve given up all hope of integrating my Wyze Cams into Home Assistant]


I’m running Frigate with 2 x V2 cams. Works very well. I’d purchase more than a few V3 cams if it had RTSP support.

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What CPU/system are you using for Frigate?

First time I’ve read about Frigate. Perfect for my unused V2s flashed with RTSP firmware. Now I just need to find some spare time.

The stream does not upload to Wyze servers for real time viewing. It’s always direct from phone to camera…

Is this true? I don’t use LinkedIn and it’s paywalled. Regardless it’s become my understanding that Alexey simply used a previously reverse engineered package written by N.B. Lavoie and team.

If he DOES work for Wyze it was a smart hire - TinyCam rocks.

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There’s a paywall, but only if you want to use its premium features, like InMail and to see who have looked at your profile. One can still job search and be contacted privately by employers.

Yes I was using shorthand but hoped you knew what I meant - you can’t see most LinkedIn content without being logged in to them.

Started working for Wyze Oct 2020. tinyCam was out before that.

Buy your competition :grin:

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Lets start a gofund me account for Alexey Vasil to write RTSP for the v3

If there’s no direct connection for some reason, it will use a “Proxy”, which is hosted on the internet by Wyze.

Now that I see @alexey.vasilyev on LinkedIn, I’ll submit a Wyze/tinyCam issue here. Is that proper?

When you have multiple Wyze cams to view in tinyCam each camera is accessed through a unique channel number. All well and good. For example, if you have five WyzeCams, they will be viewable as channels 1 - 5. Label each camera appropriately and you are good to go.

Not so fast. Say you add 3 more cameras to the Wyze App later,… from a tinyCam perspective you would expect to access channels 1 - 8. Even if you don’t add your new cameras to tinyCam you will notice that 3 of your old cameras have “disappeared” and your 3 new cameras are displayed.

Wyze should work with tinyCam to maintain the camera ordinal setting when new cameras are added. (or deleted)

Please :wink:

I’ve never seen a Wyze wish-list item addressed. I have seen Alexey fix multiple issues (across multiple brands/models) in mere days, so I have hope. For now, this is just a therapeutic request.

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There is already a way to do this in TinyCam…check this link:


You can go to the Reddit sub and post there any requests/questions on TinyCam, Alexey responds.

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He posts his personal email with the tinyCam app. Yes, he responds to emails, too.

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