RTSP for V3

Excellent, thanks for that, Carver!

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lol ordered a different camera last night. we’ll see which one wins when it releases

Yeah, he said it’s probably 3-4 months out, though another Wyze employee said it’s possible it could be sooner, he just didn’t want to over-promise. So if you need/want something now, might as well get something else as it’s likely not going to be ready until Fall. But we could get lucky.


I’m a computer guy and don’t know what you’re talking about …of course I’m not a video programmer …I would love to have the V3 versions working with Blue Iris. are we on the same page…

It’s a Wyze cam firmware hack. The GitHub link is here somewhere.

Am I the only one who finds it curious that RTSP, which was developed in 1998 and currently available on virtually every IP camera on the market, except Wyze, is taking over a year to develop for V3 cameras. But WebRTC (stable only since 2018) is to be implemented “soon”, according to Wyze: Wyze Cam v3 and WebRTC

I’m not a millionaire electronics industrialist, but if I did NOT want people using a certain protocol with my product, I would certainly do everything I could to make it impossible for them to do so – like delay it’s development for as long as I could and put it on separate “black sheep” firmware marked as “infrequently updated” – and fast track alternatives that I don’t mind.

Like a dope I went and bought 6 of these things last year, believing the woman who told me that RTSP would be coming soon after their release. This is exactly why people hate and distrust big corporations.


I think they’re just being pragmatic. It is my understanding that as far as all streaming protocols go, RTSP is estimated to be used less than 6% of the time, though some research estimates place it as low as under 1%.

Wyze indicates that they looked into what kind of difference it made when they offered RTSP for the V2, and found that in the same way, the total Wyze users who use RTSP is actually extremely low, it’s just that it is so important for that small percentage of core users, that they decided they would make it possible for them anyway despite going against their normal decision of generally only doing things that will affect the majority of users. They said they haven’t done things like home assistant or smart things integration yet because those are NOT things that would affect the vast majority of their users, just a small niche group. I think RTSP is the same thing for them (and they have said so). That’s the real reason.

As for why it is a separate firmware, they discussed this last year. Beside only a small minority of people who will actually use it, they want to give as much of the available resources such as processor, memory, etc to features that the majority of their users will actually use, or be freed up for other features. If they built it in with the normal firmware they would lose a lot of memory and processing power and not be able to provide as many other features that would otherwise be enjoyed by the most amount of users, including WebRTC with Google and Alexa. They indicated that once they have a cam with enough other resources, they’d even look back into providing free local/edge person detection again. They just don’t have the spare resources with their current cams, but they have had specific jobs posted specifically for developing this for future products.

For what it is worth, last year they indicated that they are looking into having future cams have enough extra resources that it wouldn’t need to be a separate firmware, but with the current cams they are still too limited to have both RTSP and all the other features they wanted to use and add.
I too look forward to be able to install RTSP on several of my cams, but I do see what he means about how the majority of users wouldn’t use it. Hardly anyone else I know who has Wyze or Eufy or Ring or Blink or Nest any other mainstream cam at their house even has a clue what RTSP is when I talk to them about it. The average Joe doesn’t know it exists, and doesn’t know how to use it.

They just feel like more users would benefit from WebRTC with Google and Alexa so it is more of a priority…but they’re still going to do the RTSP for all the people who desperately want it. I honestly do like the WebRTC addition. I wonder if that can be expanded in ways to replace RTSP for long term local capturing (I don’t know enough about that yet, but I don’t think a lot of software supports it yet either).

Anyway, here are WyzeDave’s most recent comments on RTSP:

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Like a dope, I only have myself to blame for purchasing 8 WOCs, 6 V3’s and a doorbell…

If Wyze provides a RTSP feed from my V3s and doorbell that I can send to Blue Iris, for example, and use Blue Iris instead of using the Wyze phone/Ipad App, then perhaps I’ll stay with Wyze Cams…

If I have to pay a monthly Cam Plus subscription for the use of RTSP… that’ll be a deal breaker, and I’ll move on to other solutions that are other than a WYZE solution.


Are you a spokesperson for wyze?

lol the rtsp thread is like the wyze cold war. “SPY! SPY!”

@carverofchoice is not a spokesperson for Wyze but is a active and helpful user and member of the community. The forum is mainly user to user, even the mods and mavens are just volunteers, there are Wyze team members on here at times. Their name will be preceded by Wyze, like WyzeGwendolyn, one of the more active Wyze team members, they speak directly for Wyze.


My apologies if there was any misunderstanding here. As @WyzeJasonJ did a great job explaining, I try to be clear that I do not work for nor represent Wyze in ANY way. I speak for myself with my own understandings, opinions, preferences, suggestions, experience, guesses and theories. I like to believe I am fairly well informed as I try to keep up with all the AMA’s, announcements, major publications about Wyze, research some things about them, and sometimes I am fortunate enough to correspond with some of them, but nothing I say should be taken as representing Wyze. My relationship to Wyze is simply customer. And sometimes my speculative fun turns out wrong :slight_smile: but I enjoy it anyway.


He isn’t. He just gets engineering samples regularly. Haha.

I want to add my name to the MILLIONS of users that bought v3 on the assumption they did or would quickly support RTSP output. All the users that are reported to NOT use RTSP are just uninformed of its wonderful capabilities or are technically ignorant. I am going to send all my recently purchased v3s back.

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I would have to say the number of users wanting rtsp is probably much higher that being reported.

I really just don’t feel like enough of the population is dumb enough to actually buy cam+ subscriptions and not realize all the amazing options out there.

I also don’t believe people see all the capabilities that are available and say “yea cam+ sounds better for me”.

I doubt people are thinking to themselves “well I feel like I need more safety for my home so let me buy this product that relies on somebody else to have a server running, and that their power doesn’t go out, and that their internet does not go down, and that my internet does not go down, and all of the other factors in between.”

Unless wyzes target audience is of those that stormed the capital then I really have my doubts that there are truly very few people wanting rtsp.

I want RTSP (is that a surprise?), and I want it as part of the main firmware code branch.

But I’m realistic. I really think the people who want RTSP ars really just a small percentage. It just happens that they’re the loudest.

Even better if Wyze implements onvif.

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I think a lot of people just want to avoid the cloud thing. Not because of cost but fear of someone watching them. My desire for RTSP is privacy and the gazillions of features I can add with my own solution that Wyze hasn’t offered yet. For example face detection. I managed to use the kroo/wyzecam project to pull the local stream from the camera (without any hacks to the camera) and feed it to a Nginx RTMP server and then from there I can pull the stream into just about any software I want. I’ve had my Wyze Cam V3 and Doorbell feed into Frigate and Homebridge for two days now and it’s rock solid. I even moved the V3 to a new location so it was offline for about 5mins and once back online Frigate picked it right back up without any intervention on my part. So I’m happy. Bellow you can see a screenshot of the official Wyze app at the top and the my RTMP feed into Homebridge at the bottom. Notice the timestamps between the RTMP stream and the official stream. :slight_smile:

Only problem is I could see Wyze defeating this in the future and I understand their stance. They are a biz and the price of the camera is subsidized by some percentage of users who will buy CAM+. So I’ve ordered some Amcrest cameras to replace the Wyze Cam. :slight_smile: I will keep my Doorbell and will keep the CAM+ service on it.

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And what platform are all of these running on?

Any real big difference between this and the fiveleaves stream hack?

Haha, I WISH! On the bright side, not getting chosen allows a lot of freedom to talk about and guess about things without NDA limitations.

It’s my understanding that for the most part those things are more like a lottery based on Wyze’s demographic needs, so I don’t expect to get chosen much for those engineering tests, but it’s all good. I was in here talking in the forums even back when tests were exclusively on Facebook, which 100% excluded me from any testing since I haven’t had a Facebook account for over a decade, and so even when they recently moved testing to wyze-testing.centercode.com it’s made 0 difference in my forum activity. I’m just being me. I don’t mind paying for my own gadgets since I have the money to do so. Wyze’s affordable prices and low profit margins just allow me to get a lot more things than I otherwise would.