RTSP firmware compatibility with Sense

is the rtsp firmware compatible with sense? i want to flash the rtsp firmware, but not at the expense of losing sense compatibility. i ordered 3 sets of the pre-order and i’m impatiently waiting to try it out…

It’s the same app, so I think the only issue would be does the function of recording a cloud clip on sense trigger still work. I’m guessing the answer is “no”, but let’s ask @WyzeArthur.


Hi there. The current RTSP version firmware supports Sense, but not anything afterwards.


thank you

By “not anything afterwards” do you mean new features that may be released for the mainline firmware or something else?

Yes. After the ongoing bug-fixes, the RTSP version of firmware would only receive update for critical issues.

Based on that I shall keep two of my Wyze cams with RTSP and the other two without, and the Swivel without as well.
Thank you