Router Distance

What is furthest someone has placed their wyze cam from their router?

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With or without a connection? :wink:


there are many many variables in that equation.

for example, if you are in an urban setting around alot of other wifi networks you might have wifi interference and not be able to get signal as far,

things like electronics, insulation or building material in your home, can make a vast difference in the range you can get,

but I would argue the biggest factor is your network. what router and network type you use is going to be one of the largest factors in the range you will get…

and alot of people have modified their antenna ( breaking their warranty) but getting much more range from their Wyze toys as well.

there sadly is no one simple answer to that question. it’s all across the spectrum.


Thanks for the Explanation. My router is a Netgear. I pre-ordered for 2 v3, I should get both sometime in Dec, hopefully.


with connection

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Hi @mr.crane and welcome to the forum!

As Bam indicated there are a lot of variables. To get some idea, use your smart phone on WiFi and see what kind of usable connection you can maintain. About the same as a wireless handset for land line phone.