Robot Vacuum won't connect on MY PHONE, but WILL connect to WIFES PHONE

No idea why, but I went through MANY attempts to connect my iPhone to the Robot Vacuum (in the process of ADDING it to the app/network). It always failed after I would connect the phone to the vacuum’s wifi.

Support suggested, after about an hour on the line and rebooting everything in sight, to try a different phone. I was like,“Why would THAT work?”, but it DID! My wife’s phone is almost exactly the same phone, but with different apps/etc…

Strange…and unexplainable to me… I connected it to my wife’s phone and then shared it to my phone and account and now I can monitor and schedule it like I used to be able to do.

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A sexist robot with a mind from the 50s?

Maybe the wife has been giving it treats and you’re not. LOL…

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