Robot Vacuum LIDAR clicking

I’ve only had “Lou” (fabulous no-prize to whomever gets that reference) a couple of days.

I just recently noticed after returning for a charge, after the suction shut down, there is a quiet clicking (tapping?) from the LIDAR as it’s spinning.

I can’t swear it hasn’t always been happening, though, Is this normal, or something about which I should contact support?

Welcome to the wye community @Gadgetskopf!
Mine does click a little, but you can’t hear it unless the room is completely silent. This seems to be normal.
How loud is yours?
As long as the robot vacuum is functioning properly and the sound isn’t a disturbance, it should be fine.

Thanks, @Brlepage! That’s really what I was looking for. It was a sound that I had not noticed during initial setup, but did when it got quiet. As I had just rescued Lou from getting stuck under a chair because the lidar dome didn’t quite fit under the crosspiece, I was concerned something might have gotten slightly “out of kilter” and was scraping inside. It’s much more of a “brushing past” sound than an actual click.

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