Robot Vacuum firmware flash

So I received my new Robot Vacuum and it works great. But is there a way to flash the firmware on older units so that they r usable? There is a micro USB port on bottom of unit.

Any insights or news on this?

EXCELLENT question! Can’t wait for the answer!

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I thought someone had stated wyze had software that could do it. But I can’t seem to find the post…

You can definitely flash the firmware on the cameras, but I’m unsure about the vacuum. If your vacuum isn’t connecting after an update, I’d suggest you contact customer support.

Mine has NEVER connected from the day I got it. Gets to connecting then times out or just stays in the connecting screen for hours. The robot will run manually but it does not appear in the app at all. I have tried SO SO SO many times SO SO SO many ways. Contacted support but all they offered is what is already posted. Regardless, I did it again step by step multiple times AGAIN and nothing. Seems like it would be great, if it would just connect to the app. I think the flashing directly with NEW firmware might do it. Of course that’s just my opinion, but I can always hope!

@WyzeGwendolyn and way to get firmware so we can try to flash using micro usb on bottom?

After many MANY tires, many MANY ways I gave up. Sent for e return but said I would prefer an exchange rather than just a return. Well I got a response and a replacement at my door within about 15 days! Didn’t even send me the return label until AFTER I had the new one. I am happy to say the new one was VERY easy to setup and works well. I’m very happy with it. I have to admit I was holding my breath during the setup. But it loaded up fine, updated the firmware fine and has cleaned the house twice with zero hiccups!


Did anything ever come of this request? I’ve had a dead vacuum under my bed for a year due to a bricking of beta firmware and CS told me to keep it (sent a replacement) … does anyone have a way to flash firmware to the USB port behind the battery? There has got to be a solution? Would love to get it working …

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