Robot Vacuum - Display user-specified Device Name in vacuum notifications

Please add the name of the robot vacuum in the cleaning completed notification

I have two units and I don’t know which device is done cleaning if I can’t see the name in the notification.

You only get a generic notification like this

I have two units , one called attic and first floor vacuum.

Including the name would be helpful so those of use who have more than 1 unit can know what device the notifications about

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This is a good suggestion, it would definitely help to be able to distinguish which vacuum it is talking about. This is done for almost every other device, including cameras, sensors etc…they will all tell us the name of the device in the notification, so it makes sense this should be done for the vacuums too. Great idea!


This seems to also effect Alexa. I haven’t used the voice commands for a while, but iirc you have to say “Wyze robot vacuum”, not just the name of the vacuum.

I have been saying “Alexa turn on first floor or robot vacuum” and that seems to do the trick for me…

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Oh really, maybe they fixed it, or I just had bad luck with Alexa understanding the name of the robot :man_shrugging:t3:

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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No problem

I just tested it rn and it worked

All I said was “Alexa turn on attic vacuum” and it worked.

I’m loving my robot vacuum!