Robot Vacuum can't reach recessed baseboard

I am disappointed that the Robot Vacuum can’t reach to the recessed baseboard in our kitchen.
That is exactly where the spiders like to hang out, and drop their litter.
This is because the vacuum’s round body is about 3 inches high – just a tad too high to get under the bottom lip of the cabinet. Another 1/2 inch and it would have worked.
Maybe needs even more space in the kitchen where we have area-rugs.
I’ll try to add photos.
I wonder if the edges could not have been tapered down … but then that might invite wedging in. Oh well.
Could the edge brushes be maybe 2 inches longer???

The area you are referring to is the toe kick area and the standard height is 4" if yours is less then either someone added additional flooring or the original builder/cabinet maker just made it their own way. Seems like you would would be kicking the corner of the cabinet frequently, especially with thick shoes.

Thank you for that information – I had never heard of that standard.
House was built in 1971-2, we’ve occupied since 1994, never saw it as a problem before now.