Robot vacuum 1st impression

I bought this to replace my Eufy 11S that ran through an accident my dog had on my carpet. Overall I like the mapping, suction, and LIDAR. However, there 2 areas the Eufy is superior.

  1. Aggressiveness. The Eufy would force it’s way into and under just about anything. If there was a gap that was just wide enough for the vacuum it would push through it. If there was a piece of furniture it could just barely get stuck under, it would do so. I have a gap between a chair and the couch in my living room. It is just wide enough for either vacuum to get through. The Eufy would barrel through with no issue. The Wyze turns away and didn’t map that area.
  2. toe-kick. The Eufy was short enough that the body would fit under the toe kick in my kitchen. The Wyze is too tall and the brush isn’t long enough to get fully under the toe kick.
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