Robot Vac Enhancement - Skip or Next Room

Add a “Next Room” button which gives the user the option to skip the room entirely or postpone it until the end of the additional queued areas to be cleaned or a later time.

Use Case: Newly started non-scheduled sweep of multiple separate areas due to a busy day around the house. In the middle of the process, My Lady tells me she’s gonna be in the kitchen a while.

The current workaround is to either pause or completely stop the cleaning process and quickly reassign the rooms before the auto-deselect feature kicks in.

*The requested enhancement would allow the cleaning process to continue past the occupied room and allow the user to postpone or even possibly reschedule ad-hock area cleanings.

Any thoughts or feedback on this suggestion would be awesome and seeing the implementation of it would be even more amazing!

Agree this would be great. I just wish it would clean the rooms in the order I select them.

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To be able to number order of the rooms as you select them would be great as well :exploding_head:

Or being able to draw a green box (similar to the virtual wall red box) over a dirty area (e.g. kitchen or front entry) to request it prioritize that area.

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You should definitely submit that as a separate post so it doesn’t get missed :+1:

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