Risk and unapproved use averted

I work for a small conference center, and we were concerned a former client of ours was using one of our small rooms over the weekend when we didn’t have other events going on. So I setup a Wyze Cam in the hallway on Friday before leaving for the weekend. Sure enough Saturday morning my phone gets a notification from the Wyze Cam showing this person entering our facility and peeking in the rooms to see which one would work for him. Moments later we watched his clients arrive to meet him, and 2+ hours later we watched him and his clients leave. ALL CAPTURED ON WYZE! I submitted the footage to our security department and they have dealt with it from there, but it was a great catch, and Wyze made it simple to pull off.


I’m certainly not an attorney, but if this was my situation, I’d refrain from posting the videos.


What a jerk!! Seems like you have poor security people in place as well.