Reversed Heat to and Cool to in Thermostat

Anyone else have this issue where the Heat to and Cool to is reversed? Heat to can only be adjusted to a lower temperature, while Cool to must be higher. Seems rather confusing.

Or is it just me? Maybe a bug?

There is usually a temperature differential range in thermostats between minimum cooling “down to” temperature and maximum “ heating up to” temperature. Usually it’s around five degrees, designed to keep the thermostat from telling the system to constantly cycle between Heat & Cool, which can damage the components and causes undue wear.
I believe if you change either temp it should adjust the other one to reflect that differential spread

No, I get that - 5 degrees deferential. My concern is not regarding that. My concern is about Heat to and Cool to interface being reversed.

In my screenshot, Heat to 75 (left) should be Cool to, and Cool to 80 (right) should be Heat to. If I tap on Cool to 80, my intention is to cool down the temperature. However, that’s not the case for me. My only option is increase 80 to a higher number, which is the exact opposite of Cooling down.

When I do adjust one side, it should be expected for the other side to readjust accordingly based on the 5 degree deferential, but I have to readjust manually on both sides.

Your cool to temperature has to be higher than your heat to temperature, or the furnace is going to be fighting the air conditioner.