Return type object detected

Hi guys, I have a question. Is it possible to know the type of object it detects in the marked area? I wanted to make an alert in IFTT that returns me the type to use a webhook and save that data in a database.

The only way I know of what “type” of AI tag data is conveyed is thru the push notification that is sent. But, I don’t think IFTTT has a trigger based on incoming push notifications. I know that motion detected by a cam can be an IFTTT trigger using the Wyze Trigger list, but have yet to find a way to differentiate that by the type of motion tagged by the AI. Perhaps that is because the type of motion is being processed by the Wyze Servers and not by the cam.

Also, “the marked area”: I assume you mean the green Motion Tagging Box. This is NOT related in any way to the Motion Detection or AI Detection Tagging function on the Wyze Servers that return Events in the Events Tab. It is unreliable to use when determining what initiated an event or what was AI tagged. It is not used in either of these detection algorithms and is not always present or accurate. It will only tag the larger or faster moving object in a multiple object scenario and has a fairly high threshold for activation.

I know that there are other 3rd party apps for Android capable of capturing incoming push notification data and appending that data to a log or specified write file, I use one called MacroDroid, but not sure about iOS. There are others that do the same thing for Android. Perhaps there are some also built for iOS?


Thanks for your answer, It makes sense to me what you say about processing on the Wyze server and not on the camera. I’ll find out what you mention at the end. A hug from afar, take care of yourself.

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