Return denied

Well it seems customer service is out the door with this company. Tried to return something and it was denied. I needed to go to the beginning of the circle and we all know where the circle ends. It is within the 30 day policy but Im sure it wont be by the time this, if ever, gets resolved.
Can I talk to a human being please. 99% of issues can be resolved with AI. 1% cannot.

You’re too kind to AI.

Did you contact support? You can talk to a human by chat or email guaranteed.

They also still have a phone number that functions, though they prefer people to use chat/email.

For instance, I just went to
Then I typed email
selected “something else”
Selected “no” (in response to “was this helpful?”
Then “Contact Support”
Then “Email”

Then just fill out the form and description.

I personally prefer email, lets me deal with things in cracks of time on my own time without having to wait on hold, etc.