[RESOLVED] Service Advisory: Online/Offline Status Not Updating Correctly - 12/19/20

Everything that was working before is now working again for me in Pa.
The fun house has returned to its smart home state.

Thank you for getting this resolved.

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I can hear my cameras turning on and off and I can’t control anything properly from the app!

Mine still not working

Mine still not working .

Still not seeing proper status of devices… sensors are currently working & showing up in app.

12/19/20 7:22 PM PT - Our metrics are looking much better and messages are moving through the system properly. We’re going to keep watching for a while to make sure that everything is stable before we call this cleared. Thank you.

(I’ll tell the team about the recent reports here.)


All is working again here as well. :partying_face:

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Working all the way out in Hawaii

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Mine are still not reflecting correct status. I’m looking at a camera feed with lights on that show as no lights on in the application. Also had a difficult time just launching the app. Froze on Wyze logo screen at startup. Had to force quit a few times before I could get in.

Something here

Thanks to the Wyze team in working through the issues. We all hate when our devices are not working properly but I know sometimes things happen in our IoT world that are difficult to troubleshoot. As others have mentioned it would be great if a notification could be sent to all users via the app when there is a known issue and regular updates provided until the issue is resolved.


Correct. They no longer have an edge. So I stopped recommending to family and friends. I used to buy them for friends and family. Sometimes for friends of friends.
After they questioned me about those monthly fees, I let them decide. They never came back to me.

12/19/20 7:49 PM PT - Our metrics and community reports tell us that this outage has now been resolved. Thanks for your patience during this time and sorry for the trouble. If you still have difficulty with your Wyze devices, please contact our Wyze Customer Support.


Everything back up and running fine here in Virginia. :+1:


I’m still getting this on my end for some events…

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I’m getting a similar message with my three clips that are over 3 minutes in length.

“Error (code 06): Failed to fetch the video from cloud. Please try again later. If the problem continues please send in an error log through Help & Feedback”.

I’ve bounced my phone and have tried again about once per hour for 4 hours. I’m now sending in the error log as requested.

Ticket ID: 80100

I didn’t know about it until i went to /r/wyze on reddit.

I can confirm my sensors are again working and triggering routines and automations…

hallelujah :smiling_face_with_tear:

That was a painful 24 hours…

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mostly back.

things still failing -

triggers that are for sensor being clear for N minutes: none of these triggers are firing, they don’t show up in history at all.

uploading short video events on triggers: 100% failure across the board all cams all triggers.

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That’s my last remaining issue. If I set kitchen lights to turn off after no motion detected, it works fine. But setting them to turn off after 3 minutes of no motion detected just causes them to stay on until I manually turn them off.

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