(Resolved) New black Cam does not complete setup

Second camera in the house, first one works fine, Two phones are connected to the first. Cannot complete the setup on #2 camera, App just times out. WIFI shows the camera is connected and Xfinity sorts the 2.4/5.0 automatically (first camera is working on the same connection). Both phones, same problem. Camera light flashing blue. Tried a complete camera reset multiple times along with phone restarts. The finial setup just “times out”. Help please.

While your router may handle the 2.4/5.0 networks just fine Wyze does not. It requires that the phone being used to setup the camera be connected to the 2.4 GHz network and not the 5.0 GHz one.

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Thanks, The wife noticed that the Echo was also not responding, rebooted everything and got back to working.


Good to hear it was resolved!