(Resolved) Cannot get new Pan Cam to register. Times out. Using 2.4ghz network

Wht doesnt camera register?

I had the same issue with 2 cams. While I was trying the process, I unplugged the power from the camera, gave it a few seconds, plugged it back in and it worked. Not saying that this is the solution but this worked for me twice. I disconnected power from wall outlet first (leaving cable connected to cam) and still had same problem but worked when disconnecting from cam so it might be worth the try.

Out of the 5 cams I’ve set up, most took a restart or two. And I also found that they had problems going through the initial setup if I had an SD card in them. Removing the SD card during setup helped.

Thank you. Your suggestion worked!

Thank you for your response. I do not have an SD card installed.

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