Resetting base station after power loss

I am in another state and my home lost power. After power came back was unable to restart base station remotely. Please help

My power went off 7 times between Friday night and Saturday morning and the base came back up each time. I had to manually reset one of the 4 WCO. I also have my base on a KASA smart plug for remote power cycle. Did the router at that location come back on line and is the base connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi ? Without a smart plug you don’t have to many options, either wait and see if it comes back up and find someone to trust to cycle it again for you??


Thanks for answering. I do not have a smart plug attached and will not physically be back until mid October. I guess I might be out of luck and without security cameras. Thanks again. Bruce

A lot of Wyze devices have this issue, but if the base is connected via Ethernet is should not have this issue.

Thanks. I am finally connected.

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