Reset Position - has this action been deleted?

Has the “Reset Position” action been deleted for the Pancam v1? I’m trying to have the sensor (on my door) trigger the camera to reset it’s position.

I have the same question and just submitted a support ticket on it. I had this action in 2 of my rules and all of a sudden it’s no longer an available action.

Yeah, kind of irritating. My use case was very specific: I had the cameras face-away from the room when not in use. And only return to normal when a Sensor was triggered. It was like my security system that only was activated by certain triggers.

Same here – I like to face cameras away when not in use as well. In fact, I’ve posted on the ‘wishlist’ forum/thread asking for a ‘park’ action; here’s the wishlist link If you want to request such a thing yourself:

As an fyi, my support ticket was responded to, and Richard was able to recreate the ‘problem’. Hopefully, he’ll pursue this with the developers/engineers and get them to add the ‘reset position’ action back.