Reset button on Floodlight

I’m still confused but yea i get it

I was just saying how when the floodlight camera goes offline , all I do is turn off the junction box by flipping off the light switch and waiting a few seconds and turning it back

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I don’t understand the fuss of them having it on a switch and why. Ours is. We replaced the front porch light with the floodlight cam so it being hardwired, it went to the switch the porch light was wired to. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily turning their camera/floodlight on and off, just stating it’s connected to a switch. Probably not realizing they’d have to explain the how’s and why’s about it. If you have a switch, flip it off then back on…if you don’t then try another reset method. Trying to find an answer to my problem and I ran across y’all being more worried about why theirs is on a switch.
Work smarter not harder. Common sense is free.

Their troubleshooting helped me, I flipped my switch off for a few minutes and flipped it back on, problem solved. My point is …why worry yourself why they have a switch and you don’t and find the best solution for your issue. :zipper_mouth_face:

Thank you so much for not paying attention to the original post, which is why doesn’t wyze either include a power button on it or say to install on a switch in the instructions. That was the original post. And you thought you were the smart one. Lol

My floodlight rarely goes offline but when it does I have to power-cycle it. If I’m not at home it’s dead in the water.

Instead of pushing everyone to get a smart switch, the next version of floodlight should have a remote power switch that can be controlled by app, so that users can have an option to kill the power to the floodlight/camera and nothing else.

The better alternative of course is for the camera to never go offline in the first place, then there’s no need for this…

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