Request Thermostat "Auto Switch" feature to remain at home if one of the phones is still in geo fence

I worked with support to identify that the thermostat does NOT stay in home mode if 1 phone with auto switch leaves the house.
Request Thermostat “Auto Switch” feature to remain in home mode if one of the phones is still in geo fence for home. This way if one or more phones are at home, the thermostat can remain in home mode.

I second that. Why would I want the temperature to change because one of the occupants leaves the house?


The first night I had the thermostat operational, it switched me to Away while I was sleeping and the inside temps dropped below 60 (outside temps were 25). This is an issue as I have temp sensitive animals.

All other location apps had me at home all night. Wyze allowed to Always have location access.

Agreed. Users will assume it will behave this way so it either needs to do that or explicitly state how it actually works.

I fully agree with if anyone is home, the state should immediately be At Home. It should be determined by the motion sensor or the Auto Switch feature (Geo Fence). I did have problems with this working but over the last two weeks mine seems to be working as everyone wants it to be.

An additional feature associated with this is that I would like to see an alert that indicates when the state is changed by either the motion sensor or the Auto Switch (Geo Fence) from at home to away or away to at home. I would like to be able to enable or disable this alert in Setup.

Yep, found this out the hard way this morning. Wife left for work on a day I had off. Work up an hour later and the house was freezing. Once I walked past the thermostat, it realized I was home and started heating. Agree with everyone here - what’s the point of having this feature if it doesn’t recognize multiple people? Please fix Wyze!

Currently, the auto switch for thermostat only works with one device. When I leave the house, the temperature goes up for whomever is left at home. Auto-switch needs to recognize all devices connected to the account and accurately decide if someone is home, away, or returning.


Will somebody from wyze please confirm what agoodlet is saying here, or if wyze is trying to fix the problem. I have been fighting this from i started using the app, and can’t get it to work.

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I have tried the ‘auto lock’ feature of the deadbolt for when I leave the house and it never works. I can be 5 miles away and house is still unlocked.

Another app I had tied their ‘home or away’ features to Life360 which is very accurate. That now works perfectly.

Please fix the “Auto-switch” feature for families with more than one person. As it is, if any ONE person leaves, the thermostat switches to “away” which is awful for the people still at home.

If the thermostat home/away feature could be controlled by IFTTT then maybe we could roll our own, of if Smartthings integration was implemented. But as it is, the auto-switch feature is all but useless and shouldn’t even be advertised as a feature.

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This is the one big issue with Wyze sourcing everything from third parties. Even if a lot of people want a feature, they have to go back to the original designer to get things updated. This feature has been requested a lot.

Several other apps I have (SmartThings is one) use Life360 for this type of feature. It works flawlessly.

I agree. This feature is useless.

The same is true for the Wyze lock. It’s supposed to auto-unlock when you arrive home and walk up to the door. It doesn’t. Then I can be inside my home and have the door locked, and it will unlock.

How big of a security/safety hazard is that? Huge!

The feature was well intended and would work if only one occupant. Those who live with others or pets don’t want the mode to go to away. Perhaps, instead, a feature on app would recognize when you leave and then pop up a message with choice to stay “occupied” or “away”.

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I really like the thought you put into this. This seems like a really good interim step if they can’t get the expected feature to work.

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Do you always take your animals with you when you leave the house? If not, perhaps you should set your ‘Away’ temperature preference to something your animals can tolerate?

I removed the Wyze thermostats. WAY too unreliable and costly with service visits. In the latest, we had no heating (heat pump). Another service call. Turns out the thermostat was not sending the required 28+ volts to turn on the distribution fan. It was sending half voltage.

That’s over $400 in service calls for faulty Wyze thermostat issues. Removed and got the HVAC recommended Honeywell which were on sale for $99.

How is this not added? Does Wyze think only one person lives in a house?

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Wow. I assumed this was an automatic included feature. Just picked up two of these for our house.

There are two iPhones running the Wyze app in my home.

You’re telling me if one of us leaves, the system is going to go into Away mode?

Wyze team - can this be addressed with a firmware update ???

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I just installed the Wyze thermostat and ran into this exact issue. This should be an extremely easy fix. Sad that there has not been any traction on this from the Wyze team.