Replacement Power Adapter

Was wondering if original replacement power adapters can be purchased.?

Just get any USB power adapter, 5V/1A
Must be 5V but Amperes anything above 1A will do.
Be careful, some sellers like to claim Amperage and not delivering so if purchasing on FleaBay get 2A or better to make sure you’ll get 1A minimum :slight_smile:

Why are you asking? Is there something wrong with your original?

As @lifeisfun says, you can purchase any quality adapter and it will work fine. One correction: you don’t say which camera model you have. The V1/V2 requires 1A but the Pan Cam requires a 2A adapter.

Search Amazon for “USB Wall Charger”. If you want a known brand, the ones from Aukey, Anker, iClever and Amazon Basics should be good.

My camera is the v2, one of my power adapters just quit working so I was looking for a replacement.

I would file a support ticket with Wyze. They may replace it for free. If you don’t want to wait, I’d just purchase one of the inexpensive ones from Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

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