Replacement band

First off apology for not knowing the technical name…
I am an early purchaser of the band. It came with a snap in wrist band. It broke at where it meets the body. Reached out to customer service and they did send me a replacement - but its the watch style version.
Does anyone know where and how to get a replacement that uses the snap in style?

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There’s really no technical name, it’s just “snap style” or something similar.

I would also like to know this!
I would also like to know:

  • when are colors coming? (I know there’s a post but I haven’t seen any updates)
  • Why did they change the style in the first place?
    I’ll tag @UserCustomerGwen to see if she can answer.

Here’s a new Wishlist post about this. Click the “vote” button to vote for it!

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While sleeping - the rubber pin style strap is way more comfortable.


I had the same issue that the quick release band broke and the replacement was for the regular band. I came on here to see if anyone had a quick release band they did not want since they stopped making those. I’m hoping they will produce it again because I like that band better.

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I just had my quick release band break as well. It was much more comfortable then the watch style band.

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I am just now experiencing the same issue other on here have… My snap on style broke at the base and I wanted a replacement. Of course I put the included buckle style on in the meantime, but I find it less comfortable. It’s not just less comfortable, I find sleeping in the buckle style downright annoying on top of the fact I find the buckle strap annoying anyway. It just doesn’t fit me correctly.

I urge Wyze to bring back replacement snap straps!

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keep commenting, all! i’ve gone round and round with customer service, and they inevitably refer me to the community page, saying that it’s the best way to get things seen by those that make things happen…not sure i believe it, but it’s what we have. see if you can pester customer service too, if you can find a way. this watch style band is driving me crazy catching on things and coming undone constantly, but i really like the tracker a lot, way more than the fitbit i had.

Band just broke. Where are the different style and colored bands we were promised at time of early purchase.