Replace fan with track light

In my finished basement, there are 3 sets of track lights (one in each of three corners) that turn on and off using a switch at the bottom of the stairs and another at the top of the stairs. This works fine, however the 4th corner light is a celling fan and light that is manually controlled by two pull chains.

I want to remove the fan and put a 4th track light that matches the other three in place of the fan but need some ideas regarding controlling power to turn it on and off by using Alexa to control something like a wall switch. Maybe I can recess a switch in the roof if I have enough room.

I am matching the other three track lights so my thoughts about using a Wyze bulb in a fixture wont work. I tried to fit a Wyze bulb in the fan globe just for giggles but the bulb is too long.

Looking for something clean. I dont want to run switched power from one of the other lights due to small clearance and having to go over the return air duck

Any ideas?