Rental / 2nd Home Monitoring, Home vs Park position.

Wanting to place into 2nd home for remote monitoring. Is there a way to “Park” the camera when home is occupied so guests know they are not being watched? In other words, there is to be an Home position when monitoring, but also need way to Park it so it’s nolonger watching the area (occupants would see camera perhaps facing backwards).

I myself would never go by any indicator lights. If there is a camera, I would assume it’s able to watch even if it had indicator lights to distinguish on/off. Would not want occupant to unplug or cover, fearing they leave and not restore back. It would preferable to let occupant know there is camera, but is Parked in a non viewing positions.


Welcome any thoughts and comments for best use in Rental / 2nd home and any privacy issues owner might have to be aware of.


Thanks, Pete



From a privacy standpoint, you need to be very careful about what you can watch. You really should talk to your lawyer about what you can and can not do as there are laws about that (depending on your state). My guess is that you wont be able to do anything inside. Even outside may be very limited.

As for an automated ability to park the camera, not that I know of, although someone might be able to write something using IFTTT. However that would depend on the renter running the app, and I would NOT count on that.


I would tell the renters about the camera and have them unplug it when they first arrive and at the end of the rental period they must plug it back in to get their deposit back, if they fail to do so then you pocket the deposit and whoever you have hired to maintain the property can go in to plug it back on.