Removing the .exif data is this being addressed?

Meta data is a real thing that can be a big problem is this issue addressed?

Metadata is valuable. If you want you can remove it before further distributing your media.

But… What metadata? My Wyze snapshots and videos saved to phone don’t seem to have any (other than resolution). Are you talking about SD card recordings?

Yes, that’s what I’m referring to, since the cameras do store and collect information, also the GSP information is very present in the wyze outdoor model, there is data recorded from wyze, which it’s really not their fault since their products just do what their Supposed to do, now rather someone wants to manipulate that information is totally up to whoever, however I dont see it happening to anyone who’s not either rich or has something that others want to steal, idk again resultsay vary. I mention these things because I know how criminals think, I was one, smart, yet not smart enough to not get caught. It’s nothing I’m proud of, I assure you that, it’s a curse from 14yrs ago that still lumms over me. I can offer slot of help to wyze but I’m afraid I’m broke and wish to support a family one day with my loving wife. So I suppose unless wyze says They’d want to hire me, I’m afraid Ill keep my information on the Do not talk about list. Sorry y’all.

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