Remove outdoor cam from ethernet connection

The instruction for removing the outdoor base station calls for going into device info and then change connection, my device info does not shoe change connection or wireless network so I have been unable to setup to remove my ethernet cable.

Are you going into the hub setting or camera setting? You need to click on hub then setting.

Yes I went to the hub setting but under device info I do not have a change connection listing.

Your hub and outdoor camera have the latest software update right?

Yes but I may take it offline and try to reinstall it. I find that Wyze is impossible to contact.

What firmware versions are installed on your base and your wco? If the function is not showing up as you look, it means the firmware isn’t up to date (or your not looking in the right spot).

My base firmware is and it tells me it is up to date. The device ID is WDOVDB1. My camera firmware is, also says up to date, and the device ID is WVOD1. The following show up when I view device info on the base.

Device Model
IP Address
Firmware version
Activated Date

There is no other lines on device info.


Alrighty, those look good. What app version are you on? Looks like the last iOS update is when the option to connect your base over wifi was added.

Great catch, this appears to have been the problem.


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