Remove or require confirmation of OFF button for camera groups

Please, I beg you. Tell me how to remove the TURN OFF button for camera groups or put a secondary to confirm. Everytime I use the Wyze app, I hit that button by accident and turn a my cameras OFF. this is a security risk, and then I have to go back and turn on each one manually. Why the bad UI?? This turn off all for groups should be hidden behind a secondary menu!

This has never happened to me with any of my phones/tablets, but perhaps I use them differently than you.

You have to turn the cameras back on one-by-one manually? I use Android and the app may work differently than Apple, but I can re-enable the group by simply tapping the button again.

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I have both an Android and a @#$%^&* iPhone. The group can be turned on or off as a group on both platforms.

One mildly drastic way around this is to use TinyCam as your viewer instead. The free version should be fine.

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In ios, if you hit the on button again, it turns some cameras back on, but usually not all, and usually just one. However, if you hit the off button by accident, it always turn everything off. Why is the button there?

The ui change should be it needs to be held down to confirm or you need a confirmation dialog box. Checking doorbell or other items on the screen, and you can brush up against it and turn everything off (which happens often)

That one sounds reasonable to me.

I don’t recall having any accidental issues with this.

A lot of people like the on/off button so that it is easy to turn everything in a group on or off while they’re home or away, or just cams in a certain room while they are … not wanting things recording in that area for a few minutes …

Still, that functionality can be done with manually created shortcuts if desired, so it is not really necessary to be there. Perhaps a solution would be a UI settings option to allow people to select whether they want the button active or hidden/deactivated or perhaps switched from right side to left side. Then those who like having it there can still have it and those who struggle to adapt to it can disable or move it somewhere it won’t interfere with their usability.

Though it sounds like another solution could be to make it so that it actually reliably turns all the cams back on when reactivated. I didn’t know iPhones had problems with this, works fine on my android devices. Perhaps you should do it on purpose, then send a log to the devs to look into why it’s not reactivating all the cams like it should.

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I like the long press idea.

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Funny, I hate it. Too fiddly. That’s why I voted for confirmation dialog box.

I understand the concept of the on and off button. But the root complaint is with one accidental
Touch of that button, it takes all my cameras offline (about eight on my home group)

I did some tsb, I pushed the off button and waited several minutes before hitting the on button, in theory allowing all the cameras to shut down— I have a mesh WiFi network, and then hit the on button again. The cameras would sometimes come back on all together or usually with one or two out. I have a mix of v3, pan and v2s. After several tries at this, and over a course of different times, I can confirm at least with my combination, number of cameras and type of cameras, they do not come back online all the times. That’s not even my issue.

My main issue is when I go look at my sense or my new doorbell cam (top of list), sometimes that off button gets hit. There is no long press or confirmation. This essentially shuts down all of my cameras and no one can be the wiser. No one knows until someone needs to look at something (package etc) and then realize the cameras were off the entire time. If not one checks the app, absolutely no one would know since there are no alerts. That’s the fire complaint. It is a dangerous precedent.

Long press
Swiping left on the row to bring the on/off screen
Locking or removing the OFF button via settings
Confirmation dialog , timing out to NO (dialog>do you really want to shut off all of your cameras?)
toggle!!! Swipe left to right instead of a simple touch

You pick from above the soliton or tell me a work around that works now.

All of those options are fine. What’s particularly silly is that they’re never really turned off anyway. They still respond to 3rd party functions (Alexa etc.).

Hey why don’t you push your most vulnerable camera groups much further down in the list so they’re not immediately touchable on the home screen?

Better yet IMHO is to let the user decide how they want to do it.
Long press, double tap, confirmation, secret password :slight_smile:

Some things depend on which hand you commonly use.


Same here and I have iphone.
I’ve only once accidentally turned one of mine off but just pushed it again to turn it back on. I was assuming in his post that’s what he meant In his case as well. He has to open his app and press each camera back on individually.

I’d like this option too. Maybe there could be an option to turn it off for people who wouldn’t like it.
Could you link the Wishlist item for this?

Sorry, by “vote” I just meant my previous post above:

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Last night I had a break in and my camera was accidentally turned off!! I’m pretty angry about this. Yes. It’s my fault I turned it off. But there’s a design issue here that needs to be addressed. I’ve turned it off accidentally about 10 times in the last year.

Thankfully I have another camera inside the garage…but I really needed footage of them
Actually breaking into it (long story).

I hope this issue gets fixed ASAP

The workaround right now, if it is urgent is to Ungroup the cameras which falls on the user and we are losing a feature. This is such a simple simple fix for a programmer to have input changed to key press for two seconds or changed to a toggle which they already use in their code.

I guess no attention will be paid to it until a lawsuit is filed , lucky it was just a robbery and nothing more serious (although I am sorry for your break in).

Lawsuit? Over someone turning their own camera off?? These are not even really security cameras but more of a camera to be able to monitor things or at beast as a backup to a real security camera. But you never know these days some of the lawsuits are just absolutely insane.

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You mean the same identical cameras which are used in their “home security system?”

What “things” are they monitoring with their AI ? People things?

Co2 and smoke alarm things?


Bad design is liability. Being informed of a bad design is a liability. Not knowing is different.

So you want to put that review in their ads and Amazon? Should be used as a backup and monitor other things. Not for security or monitor people. Is that right ??