Remote Setup

If I wanted to take my pan cam to a remote location, have a wifi hotspot in my vehicle, would I be able to setup the camera using my phone, (battery power for cam of course)
set it and go. Then return 2 days later, grab the card and read it elsewhere.

Also how to setup 420 bitrate? Is it on app setting?

The cams can be setup on a hotspot. Battery power is fine. They need an Internet connection to setup and to initially connect but, my understanding is, are supposed to continuously record to the SD card even with no wifi connection, as long as they don’t lose power. If they do they will require an Internet connection to resume recording.
I use IOS and there’s no “bitrate” setting. If you mean the options for resolution, which on the IOS app are 360dpi, SD, &HD, that setting us in the app.

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Thanks TomP. Good info. I am encouraged.

If you try it, post back and share your experience! Best of luck!