Remote Reboot

It would be nice if we can have one camera talk to another for a reboot.

So here is an example.

Of my 3 cameras I will only be discussing 2. We will call them Master and slave.
Master-main camera
Slave-2nd camera plugged into USB on Master.

So if slave needs a reboot but is showing “Off-line” then we can reboot master and that should reboot both just from the simple way of how it’s wired up.

If the master needs a reboot but is showing “Off-Line” and we reboot the slave that has no effect on the Master.

There should be a way to trigger a reboot from the slave or even better any camera. I do understand the connection being WiFi but let’s at least focus on my main request.

Very happy 3 camera customer…

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Thanks for the idea and it’s a good thought. However, I don’t think this actually adds any real functionality (but I welcome being contradicted). I’ll attempt to explain why:

The cameras have two modes of communication. The primary mode is point-to-point. This is the mode in which all the normal streaming communication happens. There are situations where this mode goes down and you can’t get the camera to connect during the three-step process that you see at startup. The other mode is the “heartbeat”. This is a separate comm channel that is normally always available to signal the camera.

At the bottom of the camera settings page is a “Restart Device” button. This button uses the heartbeat channel to send a signal to the camera to reboot. Even if the main channel is offline, this can get the camera going again.

Now, having said all that, if we had a setup where one camera can trigger another camera to reboot, it would have to use that very same channel. There is no other way for the 2nd camera to communicate to the 1st. That is why I don’t think this provides a function that you can’t already do yourself from within the app.

Hope that makes sense.


It’s amazing that a cheap Chinese camera doesn’t give me as much trouble as this wyze a waste of money for fun!