REMOTE programming of a camera away from its installation location

It would be great to be able to program a new camera in the app using the access point name and password of an existing camera installation without being at that location.

Then the cam is ready to be sent to the location for someone to install and power it up. Then when active the app will send a notification.

The new cam will be working without me having to travel there as the principal app manager for installation.

This also brings up how to pass off to others (temporarily or permanent) the PRIMARY installer/manager control of a cam in the app that controls operational features and sharing.

I have 20 Wyze cams that I manage for 6 locations.

Can the App Developers add a semi-CLONING FUNCTION that will allow us to program a new cam using one of the existing cameras in our Wyze App so it uses the access point that is currently used by one of our other programmed cameras?

Doing so would allow another person to take the camera to an existing operating location/access point and locate/install the camera in that wifi area and power it up.

I do not want to travel to install and program the camera as this location is far away.

I want to control the cameras as principal manager and their operation/sharing, etc.

Is it possible we could get REMOTE PROGRAMMING for a new camera without being on site/location simply by using data for an existing and operating camera in our App?

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Need to put this in wishlist.

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Can you install (or configure an existing) WiFi access point at your central location that matches the SSID and password for the remote locations? If yes, then you can configure the cameras at your location using that access point, and when they get installed at the remote location, they will just work.
That is what I do.

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K6CCC… Perfect! Smart! Thanks! Why did I not think of this???