Remote product setup/install

After power failures and internet outages I’ve had cams and outlet go off line once the service is restored. Then I have to delete the device and reinstall. That’s fine when I’m home but when I winter in Florida and my home is in Wisconsin I can’t do the manual portion of the set-up.
It’d be nice to have a workaround so that I can get the plug or can back up and running.

After a power outage you shouldn’t have to go through all those steps. They should come online by themselves. How long was the outage? I just recently went through a 2 hr outage and only the bulbs have me any issues and they’ve addressed that in latest FW.

Both outages lasted hours (~5+ ish). I have 3 cams and 4 plugs (will be adding 2 more). When it happens, Only one smart device goes off line and not every outage. But I’m snowbirding to Florida next week for 4 months and need (would like to) be able to do the reset remotely. I’ve read that the same issue exists for smart thermostats…

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Well my outage like I said was only two hours and everything came back online. The only issue I had was with the Wyze bulbs which they are aware of. My smart garage door, both of my smart thermostats all of my Lutron smart switches and dimmers and all of my Wyze products came back online, cameras included. everything!

But being able to reset remotely would be a very neat and handy asset

I’m VERY rural. Maybe the outage was accompanied with a power surge… But it still wouldn’t account for the outlet drop following the internet outage (ISP said another company accidentally cut one of their fiber cables). Either way I’d be more comfortable if I could do the reset remotely. For now I’m just going to figure on setting up a fall back solution with redundancy.

So frustrating! I set up cameras for my parents and they regularly go off line for various reasons. My dad has dementia, so it’s very important they are running. I can’t always drive over there.