Remote OC Base Station & Router Reset

In our remote beach cabin, I use a Samsung S5 as a hotspot so to connect the base station I use a Vonnets USB Wireless/WiFi Network Dongle Bridge RJ45 Ethernet Port 2.4GHz Adapter ($22 ebay) to connect the base station to the hotspot.
My only problem has been that if there is any momentary or very short power outage ( lights flicker, etc.) I lose connectivity. I have to unplug both the wifi bridge and base station for a minute or so then repower to resume connectivity. It’s a 6 hour round trip drive to the cabin so that’s not okay.
My solution is a $6 analog-old fashoned lamp timer. Every day it cuts power to the wifi bridge/base station early morning then turns back on. It has worked perfectly for over 3 months without a hitch. Yes I thought about the Wyze plug for this but it also is affected by momentary power cutouts.
Btw, the Samsung S5 can last about 6-7 hours on it’s own battery as a hotspot. Any power outage beyond that and it must be turned back on and reset to hotspot.