Remote area!

I live in the sticks and love it! But… have a waterfall right next to the road that is relentlessly visited despite the signage. I have high speed internet via ATT/router. This waterfall is about 800 ft as the crow flies and wooded in the valley. How can I get the outdoor cams to operate wirelessly in real time through the app? I’m assuming to connect to the base and work in the app they will need to be say 300ft away for the outdoor cam package.

Obligatory dumb question - do you have any power available near that point?

No :unamused:

There is a lot of creative antenna boosting and aiming you can do but I have no expertise in that area.

Possibly not the best option, but a “game” camera with cell phone technology can send pictures to the cloud and notify you of activity. Not live streaming but maybe better than nothing.


Oh for sure - if you can stick an old cell phone or a mobile hotspot nearby (enclosed) and give it a decent battery pack you can run everything Internet connected for 2 or 3 days at a stretch. The WCO model is tricky though. When not in travel mode it requires the base station.

I got something like this to try to find a missing cat…

It takes still pictures and uses the built-in cell adapter to upload pictures to a website. Not live streaming but potentially useful if you don’t have any other options.

Things I haven’t thought of! Thank you.

You might be better off putting a phone/hotspot and a battery pack in a weatherproofed box and pairing it with a Wyze V3.