Remap creates a map on certain angle, whereas "clean" function creates proper

Hi Wyzers,

I was very happy when wyze released remap option in beta. However, whenever I try that function, it creates my floor map at a certain angle, which makes it very difficult for me to add virtual walls. Because only shape allowed with virtual walls is rectangle.

Nevertheless when I use clean function to generate map from scratch, that seems to be working perfectly fine. Earlier I thought that may be I had put the charger / robot at an angle before starting, but even after a number of retries, it remained inclined.

I will attach both the images. I don’t think I need to caption which is from remap and which is from clean.

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I noticed that mine is doing the same thing. I hope a fix is in the works.

Seriously. Its very inconvenient. I am still in process of finding the best place for the charger. So everytime I change the charger location, I have to remap, as there is no other way. And with remap iy creates this crazy angled map. So have to clean the whole house everytime :roll_eyes:

Same problem, although mine was closer to 5-10 degrees off, and prevented the splitting feature from working. I had to clear the map and just run the regular vacuum cycle and babysit it as it mapped things out.

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