Rejoining devices to guest WLAN

What’s the process wit change over my bulbs and cams over to my new guest WLAN? Do I need to use the rest button, delete them from the app, and add them back in?

you go through the setup process with your phone on that “new” network. just delete them in the app and set them all up again. it can be rather tedious but it’s fairly straight forward as well and if nothing else, the upside is at least doing it this way, you’ve already gone through the process once, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

So no need to use the reset button on the cameras?

just the setup button like you hit before. that effectively is the “reset”

Does the phone need to be joined to the same SSID for the setup or doesn’t matter?

yes, whatever wifi you want the cameras to be on, thats the wifi the phone needs to be on during the setup. in this instance it would be the new guest wifi you have setup. after the cameras are setup and working it wont matter what the phone is connected to.