Region movement Detection and play a sound

While monitoring a camera, I would like to pre-select a region and if there is movement in that region to play a sound.

This is good for monitoring both elderly and small children. Example: Put the crib on one side of the screen and specify a region on the other side. If the child crawls out of the crib and crosses into the region you play the sound file to catch the parent’s attention.

You can already do this. First specify a detection zone in the camera settings. Then turn on motion detection and push notifications. Finally, make sure you phone is set to play a sound on receiving the push notification.


I must be missing something… Im using an android device. How do I create a detection zone. I dont see anything called “camera settings”.

Go to the screen where you can see the live view, upper right, click on the gear, then detection settings, then detection zone


There is a lot of great info on the support pages. :slight_smile:

For example:

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