Regarding Wyze Hub Application Modal

Will there be additional features for the Wyze App such as screen rotation or hub features for smart home setups? If the App itself is a hub or terminal to control multiple devices, there should be a sort of live previews of all connected cameras from the home screen. I wanted to set up the iPad as a hub on the wall for all my cams, but the screen doesn’t allow landscape rotation within Wyze. And the ability to see a live preview of all the cams would also be an excellent feature.

If you unlock rotation on your Ipad and group your cameras you can get what you are describing. You are limited to 4 per screen but can scroll between screens to see additional groups of four at a time. See below.
You can check the Wishlist and Roadmap threads to see if these are in the works or have been requested.
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One of my screens (only three in this group)


He is correct. I have eight cameras and I use my iPad only for this reason. They did the screen rotation edit months ago because people were screaming about it so we’ve had it for quite a while now