Reduce the price of HMS?

Is there a way to get the HMS subscription for the original five dollars?

I don’t exactly have a lot of money right now, and I was bummed out that they raised the price to $10. I understand that that is still super cheap and it also helps them raise money. However I am monitoring a really small space and I would just like to pay the original five dollars until I can’t afford to pay the regular price.

I ordered the system off of Amazon with a six month free trial. But there is only an option to pay $10 per month, is there a way to make it five dollars per month like how it used to be before they raised the price?

Unfortunately unless you started the subscription before the price raise, there’s no way to get the reduced price anymore. :frowning: maybe in the future there will be a promotion, but idk when that will be. If your only monitoring s small space you could try cam plus pro instead, it doesn’t have contact sensors, but uses person detection and facial recognition, along with professional monitoring. It’s just 1 cam, but if you could put it by your door or something that may work.