Reduce reload time

Is there a way to shorten the reload time between recordings? 5 minutes or so is way too long. I had a lady sit down in front of my tree with her dog, take selfies between the reload times and only captured her walking away. The reason for this is camera is to capture thieves that stole my catalytic converter . Should I get a different camera?

If you had a SD card installed in continuous record mode, you should be able to dial up the time of the 12-second clip to see the whole event, no matter how long it was.

If you detect based on motion sensors, then you have only a 1-minute or so cooldown.

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If you have a micro SD card in the camera and set it to continuous recording, you will not miss anything. You can go back and tap play back and catch all of your thieves.

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Much appreciated! I was ready to order the Blink XT.